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CCLHDN PE- CCC 005Thank you for participating in the CCLHDN member forum.  This is a venue to ask questions of fellow members, share ideas quickly and easily, or respond to the questions others post here. Registration is required. First-time users will be directed to WordPress to register.  To get email notifications of new topics, click on the tab “New Topic Subscribe”. For email notification regarding certain threads- open thread, and click on tab “Subscribe to RSS feed”.

 To skip instructions access the forum click here.

A quick overview of how the forum works:

Once registered, click on the forum below.  Open ‘Member-to- Member Topics’ and you will see a list of topics, which are like headlines to what the content contains.   Topics started previously are listed, or you can scroll down below the forum and start your own.  For example, you could start a topic “CX3”, and that indicated that all the questions/ideas shared here pertain to CX3 only.  You can notified by email of new topics, by clicking on “New Topic Subscribe” tab.

A Thread is a series of replies that are in response to a proposed topic.  For instance, under a CX3 topic, there could be a thread of 10 replies to this topic.  You can click on a topic and use the ‘reply’ function to contribute to the tread on this topic.

Please keep replies pertinent to the topic discussed.  If you have  something to share on a different topic, please start a new topic.

How to start a topic or reply to a topic

  • To start a  new topic (in order to ask a question or share some information), scroll down below the forum and use the text field called “Topic Title”.  You can also determine whether you want emails when people respond to your topic by clicking the box at the bottom of the topic content text box.  Once you submit, your title appears as a new topic in the forum.
  • To reply to somebody else’s topic (ie, to add to the thread), click on the topic title, read what has been written, and use the ‘reply function’.
  • You can include link, photos, or text in topic or replies.  Please keep information pertinent.
  • Before you start a new topic, please review the topics created to ensure the question has not already been answered.
  • When you first access the forum, you will be asked to give your name and email (required). The website  field (your county’s website) is not required, so you can leave that blank if you prefer.
  • You will not get an email indicating that you started a topic.  To be notified by email of replies within a certain topic, click on”Subscribe to RSS feed”.

For Technical Assistance with the forum, please contact staff @

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