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Welcome to the California Conference of Local Health Department Nutritionists (CCLHDN) website and collaborative learning venue.  Here members can share and explore helpful resources, access forms, get updates on CCLHDN and other state-wide events, and learn about recent CCLHDN developments.  To learn more about CCLHDN, please visit our “About Us” page and subscribe to our email list!


Is your county a current member?  Check here to see if your county is a current member!  Membership gives you priority in our signature Peer Exchange program and allows you to register for our annual conference.   Only one membership per county needed, and be sure to check with other nutrition programs in your county to see if you have a voting member.

CCLHDN Partnerships Committee –  Notes from both the Food Securities Discussion & CNAP Updates are available on the Tools & Curriculum page.

CNAP County Updates are available for download on the CNAP page.

Compendia of Best and Promising Practices and Tools to Reduce Consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages from CCLHO-CHEAC Chronic Disease Prevention Leadership Project – more information and downloadable tools available on the Tools & Curriculum Page.

*To learn more about nominations for Board and Committee Chair positions, click here.